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    Welcome to our wholesale drop-shipping web site.  We manufacture and sell classic, school size, wooden unit blocks for children made of premium American Hard Maple .   Last year we sold over 40 tons of blocks and this year we'd like to sell some to you.   

     Our wholesale customers enjoy the opportunity to sell high quality Unit Blocks without the need for inventory, a shipping department, or the other hassles of brick and mortar commerce.  You sell to your customers, then turn around and purchase from us, and we ship for you.  There are no minimums, no accounts, no credit requirements - we handle it all.  All you need to do is provide a structured page or pages on your web site and integrate this with your shopping cart.  Retail stores can order a small stock of blocks for in-store use, and replace stock as they go along without the need for significant storage or inventory.    You sell (first) and then you buy.  We ship orders the same day (order before noon).  Your blocks will arrive anywhere in the Continental US within five working days (most places sooner). 

    For those needing pictures or other graphic materials, you can easily copy pictures of our block sets from this site.  We have suggested retail prices for our blocks, but you may sell at whatever prices or offer whatever discounts suit your particular circumstances.  There is a handling charge for each order (6.95) but otherwise, shipping is included in the price.  You will use this web site to order, and to calculate shipping by working through the shopping cart. 

  This is a fabulous way to merchandise.  The discounts will not be as great and the mark-up will not be as high as if you were to purchase large numbers of blocks outright - but there are no inventory costs, no minimum orders, no carrying charges, no leftovers, no deterioration of stock, no floor space required, no expense of shipping and handling and, in general, you don't have to pay for merchandise until you have received payment from your customer. 

    If you are seeking premium wooden building blocks, our domestic toy blocks made of Rock Maple will last for generations.  Your customers will have a time-tested, classic toy that they will play with, now and for years to come.  You can buy lots of cheaper toys, but you will never find one that provides more play for less money.  


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  This is a B-to-B website only and you must be in the retail or e-tail business in order to access it.  The following information helps us decide whether this is the case.  If you would like to be explore our web site further, please fill out the following information. If you qualify, we will contact you by e-mail and establish a guest Login.


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